Unfinished Album

Before his untimely death in 2005, Bosco was working on his second solo album. The tunes here are all songs that were going to be on that album. The songs range from fully formulated to works in progress. There was no title to the album or order of the songs given. If you listen to them all you can hear a cohesive sound and concept that this album was going to be.
– Producer, Paul Starkey


  1. Are You With Me Bosco 3:45
  2. Chromosome for Drugs Bosco 3:44
  3. I'm Living in an SRO Bosco 4:55
  4. Ruling By The Gun Bosco 3:08
  5. You Can Fool Bosco 3:22
  6. Over a Barrel Bosco 4:09
  7. Captain Sunday Bosco 2:29
  8. A Girl Down the Way Bosco 1:18
  9. Untitled 32 1:58
  10. Hole in my Soul - DEMO Bosco 2:02